Thursday, July 28, 2011

My first holo!

So I loved looking at everyone else's blogs with holos on them. Finally, I have gotten my own! Ty for ebay!

This is DV8 from China glaze. This left pointer nail is the best example of the holo effect. It is simply 2 coats of the polish on a coat of revlon's basecoat.

This shows the comparison of the 2 coats on the pointer finger. The middle finger is 1 coat of the polish, the ring finger is 1 coat of the polish and a top coat of Seche Vite, the pinky is the holo with a matte topcoat on top, and the the thumb is 1 coat of DV8 with a coat of OPI's Movin' out.

obviously nothing is as nice as just 2 coats of the holo polish, but I like to see what else can be done with them, so upon review. I actually like the effect of the pink Movin' out and the matte top coat, but I will never cover up my holo with them again. While they still look amazing, the holo itself looks better in my opinion.

The pinky has 1 coat of holo with OPI's hollywood blond, the ring finger has 1 coat of DV8 and a coat of Grey's Anatomy, the middle finger has 1 coat of the holo and a coat of Sally Hansen's Lime Lights, the pointer has 1 coat of holo and a coat of sinful colors Let Me Go.

I really really dislike nude colors on me, they feel so boring. So Hollywood Blond was a free gift with my ebay order. I was honestly just trying to find a way to make it better to me. Nothing on this hand appealed to me more than the plain holo.

This is the left hand again, just a better shot in my opinion.

Thumb of left hand again. This is the one with OPI's Movin' Out over the holo.

If anyone is concerned about me wasting this wonderful holographic polish. I wore it for a day before doing this testing over it. :)

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