Thursday, April 28, 2011

Butterflies Freehand

I know I have not been posting as regularly lately, been busy with my final week of classes. In fact I actually had to do 4 take home tests for my psych class. It is my own fault for not getting them in the first place, but at least I was able to complete them :D

So earlier this week I did this free hand mani for color club's contest on facebook. The original grass inspiration is from robin moses, but the butterflies actually came from a painting I did for my brother and sister-in-law a couple years ago. I hope you like it.

The first thing I did was just add a few leaves in Wet and Wild SaGreena the Teenage Witch. 
This is also a great color to do the whole nail it, absolutely gorgeous.

Then some more leaves in a lighter green, Lime Light from Nina Ultra Pro.

The butterflies are much more complex.

While this image is a little blurry, it actually turned out great. I used a black nail art pen for the outline, then used a brush to dot on the orange in the blank areas. The orange is Crushed by Sally Hansen.

This butterfly is done similarly, with the nail art pen to do the outline, filled in the blue with Marine Scene from Sally Hansen, then used a brush to add the little white dots to the wing edges.

I really loved doing this manicure. I even left it on until it started chipping simply because it was a lot of work and turned out so nice. The right hand did not turn out as great since my left hand does not like to cooperate with my bran to do the small details, but it looked ok. lol

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Swirly

No this is not the kind of swirly Nelson gives on Simpsons. I did a drag Marble. :D
The base color is 2 wet coats of Sally Hansen's White On, with dotted Orly Gorgeous, which I then swirled around using a bamboo skewer for grilling.... I could not find some good pointed orange stick and I find these work just fine. Plus they were only $1 for 100 of them at Food Lion(a local grocery store). So yeah drag marbling is easy and pretty fun. :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring flowers

I wanted to do more in a spring theme, and as I do not have any stamping plates, I thought I'd try to do another free hand mani.
This is 3 coats of Sally Hansen's Lime Lights. It is still incredibly sheer, which I did not know it was when I bought it. I would not recommend it if you want a rich color, but it is a pretty sheer.

Left hand

Right hand

The flowers are in NYC's Fuchsia Shock Creme, Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac, Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away, Sally Hansen's HD Lite is the yellow centers.

Spring themes are fun, but it is so hard to come up with original ideas beyond chicks, bunnies, and flowers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pink Wednesday for toes

This is 2 coats of Nina Ultra Pro's Punki Pink and Sally Hansen's Rockstar Pink on top.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First in the set for Easter

I wanted to do some Easter inspired nails, but have a lot of ideas. Here is the first one I decided to do. It is free hand and I have the steps as well.
Love the hatched chick!

Blue: only 1 coat of Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away
1 coat Sinful Colors Happy Ending with 1 coat Sally Hansen's Lime Lights on top of it to lighten it up.

Added little yellow heads. (I've been told I'm doing them upside down, but I want to easily see them and care less about other people enjoying them. XD) I'd tell you the name of the yellow if I knew it, but it was a free sample I got somewhere.

Added the Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac to the egg shells with Happy Ending on the bottom of the eggs.

Added the finishing touches with some little Orly Liquid Vinyl black eyes, Salley Hansen's Crushed Orange beaks, and L.A. colors Pink-a-Boo.

Hope you like it, cuz doing this stuff freehand is pretty complicated and involved a few curses about how long it takes to dry for each step.

And more purple

Not really sure why i have been in a purple mood recently, but I just got these new nail brushes and decided to try doing tips again. I failed, but my boyfriend gave me this design idea. I love how it turned out. It reminds me so much of icicles though, so be prepared to see it again when the weather gets cold again.
Done with 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac and I striped on Sally Hansen's HD Cyber

This design was super easy and fun to do, but the Lacy Lilac was a bit thick and a pain to apply.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Water Marble craziness

I wanted to try water marbling again. Worked out well, but a few of the nails did not turn out as great as I wanted them.

Along with my water marble, I have another pedi done for this. Not my own feet though... My boyfriend decided he was not interested in my water marbling skills and fell asleep.

I hope this image does not groos anyone out too much. :p

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gold and Green

I went polish shopping so i had to try out my new stuff.

I am in love with this gold, was super easy to apply and not too sheer, only took 2 coats for this color. It also has a fat brush, making applying it easier.

I decided that it was too plain for me though, so I added this green sponging. I actually wish I hadn't, but it is ok still. The green looks better on it's own too.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feeling Purple.. and Smiley!

So I decided to just try out a purple theme. I LOVED the way the colors turned out, but still thought it needed something.

Done with Sinfulcolors' Dream On and OPI's Virtual Violet

Added smilies with Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen in black.
Aren't they CUTE!?

And the toes too. XD

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pink Wednesdays

My first attempt at a tape mani, but I think I did alright. Not the cleanest line, but I'm still happy. :D
Done with Pure Ice's Electric and Free Fall

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Orbital Blue.

Orbital Blue
Done with MoondancerJen's polish's and unfortunately do not know the brands. Bundle Monster plate.

Nail Designs

These were my depressed nails.
Done by sponging Orly's Liquid Vinal onto SinfulColor's Gorgeous

I call these Peacock Nails
Done by sponging Sally Hansen's HD Cyber onto Sally Hansen's HD Resolution

Orange Fimo Nails
Done by sponging Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear Crushed onto
Sally Hansen's HD Lite

This was my practice water marble. I unfortunately did not put it on my nails.
Done with Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear White On and Black Out

Water themed water marble
Done with Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear Celeb City and Marine Scene

My first blog post

So hi! I'm new to the blogging thing but have enjoyed reading many already including MoondancerJen's Nails as she is my future sister-in-law and got me hooked on doing my nails. I've been doing them for awhile now, ever since she first brought over her stamping plates so I will have a bunch of pics to post really soon.

I hope you all enjoy my blog, which will mainly consist of photos of the designs I've done, and probably not much typing unless I hear that it is wanted.


Above is my collection of nail polish and my work bench, aka the coffee table in our living room.