Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Swirly

No this is not the kind of swirly Nelson gives on Simpsons. I did a drag Marble. :D
The base color is 2 wet coats of Sally Hansen's White On, with dotted Orly Gorgeous, which I then swirled around using a bamboo skewer for grilling.... I could not find some good pointed orange stick and I find these work just fine. Plus they were only $1 for 100 of them at Food Lion(a local grocery store). So yeah drag marbling is easy and pretty fun. :D


  1. I love the teeny heart you got on your ring finger!

  2. @NailNewbie Ha ha. I hadn't even noticed that. I like it too. :p

  3. This is so cute, Bevy, your going to have to show me how you did this!