Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First in the set for Easter

I wanted to do some Easter inspired nails, but have a lot of ideas. Here is the first one I decided to do. It is free hand and I have the steps as well.
Love the hatched chick!

Blue: only 1 coat of Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away
1 coat Sinful Colors Happy Ending with 1 coat Sally Hansen's Lime Lights on top of it to lighten it up.

Added little yellow heads. (I've been told I'm doing them upside down, but I want to easily see them and care less about other people enjoying them. XD) I'd tell you the name of the yellow if I knew it, but it was a free sample I got somewhere.

Added the Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac to the egg shells with Happy Ending on the bottom of the eggs.

Added the finishing touches with some little Orly Liquid Vinyl black eyes, Salley Hansen's Crushed Orange beaks, and L.A. colors Pink-a-Boo.

Hope you like it, cuz doing this stuff freehand is pretty complicated and involved a few curses about how long it takes to dry for each step.

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