Thursday, April 28, 2011

Butterflies Freehand

I know I have not been posting as regularly lately, been busy with my final week of classes. In fact I actually had to do 4 take home tests for my psych class. It is my own fault for not getting them in the first place, but at least I was able to complete them :D

So earlier this week I did this free hand mani for color club's contest on facebook. The original grass inspiration is from robin moses, but the butterflies actually came from a painting I did for my brother and sister-in-law a couple years ago. I hope you like it.

The first thing I did was just add a few leaves in Wet and Wild SaGreena the Teenage Witch. 
This is also a great color to do the whole nail it, absolutely gorgeous.

Then some more leaves in a lighter green, Lime Light from Nina Ultra Pro.

The butterflies are much more complex.

While this image is a little blurry, it actually turned out great. I used a black nail art pen for the outline, then used a brush to dot on the orange in the blank areas. The orange is Crushed by Sally Hansen.

This butterfly is done similarly, with the nail art pen to do the outline, filled in the blue with Marine Scene from Sally Hansen, then used a brush to add the little white dots to the wing edges.

I really loved doing this manicure. I even left it on until it started chipping simply because it was a lot of work and turned out so nice. The right hand did not turn out as great since my left hand does not like to cooperate with my bran to do the small details, but it looked ok. lol

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