Sunday, September 18, 2011

Black and Green Flames

This was a design I did on the 9th for my boyfriend. It was our 7yr Anniversary and I wanted to do something he would like, and his favorite colors are green and black. (He's a huge Green Lantern fan, too. Comics, not the movie)

I did a base of 2 coats of Sally Hansen's White On, to make sure the neon Green would have a good base.
Then I did 2 coats of Nina Ultra Pro Lime Light and while they were still wet I did dots of Orly liquid vinyl that I dragged upwards to make little flames.

He LOVED it, and repeatedly told me so. :)


  1. happy Anniversary and the nails look great! I am glad he liked them! 7 years is a long time! Congrats!

  2. omg these are aweome o.o