Friday, September 9, 2011

Topcoat streakiness comparisons

My Beauty Secrets topcoat. $5.99 for 2.5FL oz.
Seche Vite $4.99 for .5 FL oz. (on sale)

The nail on the left I top-coated using the Beauty Secrets, the nail on the right was top-coated with Seche Vite.

You can easily see that the Seche Vite did a much better job at not streaking my zebra than the Beauty Secrets. I'd still buy it even though it is much more expensive than the beauty secrets, but I will only use the Seche when I need to worry about streaking. The Beauty Secrets also takes longer to dry...

1 comment:

  1. The only complaint I have w/ SV is that it can screw with the layer below if it's not completely dry (weird rippling) or with foils/decals with similar results. Looooove that it dries so well and fast with everything else though!