Friday, March 30, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day 30 - Tutorial - Peacock Nails by Kayla Shevonna

I'll start with the tutorial I used, which was She does amazing work, and if you are not following her you should be!

I did not have the exact polishes she used, but I had close enough. These are (from right to left) Wet and Wild The Gold and the Beautiful, Orly Liquid Vinyl, China Glaze Blue Iguana, Sally Hansen HD Spectrum, Sally Hansen HD DVD, and Zoya Ivanka. Basically you need sparkly colors in a gold, light blue/teal, darker blue, purple, and green.

This is 3 coats (ish) of The Gold and the Beautiful. I say -ish only because I did a couple huge layers, it is a clear base and I really wanted the sparkles to be a complete layer.

Next I made lines with Liquid Vinyl, making sure to leave a V of gold at the top of the nail. In that V, I used a larger dotting tool to put a dot of Spectrum (any light blue/teal will do).

In this part I did a lot. I wanted all the layers to blend a little so each strip is still wet when I put the next one. So I started here with a dot of my darker blue, Blue Iguana) in the middle of my larger light blue dot. Then I did stripes of light blue (spectrum), purple (dvd), and green (Ivanka). The order I don't think really matters, and you do not have to do this wet. Feel free to play around with the colors too. I think I may try some different ones with this if I ever do it again.

Here is the finale. It was nice and sunny, so the mani was shiny. :)

So tomorrow is the last day. I will be repeating my favorite design. I know which one I liked the most, but it'll be a surprise. :D

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