Monday, August 15, 2011

Blue holo sparkliness

Everyone should know by now my obsession with holos. They are just gorgeous. Well my future sister-in-law knows and suggested using her Milani HD polish. This is what I did with it.



Obviously it looks much more amazing outside!

This is Milani HD (don't know specific color other than it is light blue. XD) stamped with Zoya Ibiza.

The accent nails are Zoya Ibiza with the Milani over top of it. 

I absolutely LOVe how this turned out and could not stop stairing at it the entire time it was on. <3


  1. I love that stamp! But every time i wear it people say i have sperm nails, LOL!

  2. @jbrobeck I did not get that comment, and have to say I'm happy about it. lol

    @Irishenchantment Thanks! This is probably one of my favorites ever.